Understanding General Liability Insurance

business contact 1525969In today's litigious society, even small mishaps can result in large lawsuits. That's why general liability insurance, along with property and worker's compensation insurance, are essential for most companies. Liability insurance protects the assets of a business when it is sued for something it did (or didn't do) to cause an injury or property damage. 

Understanding Risk Management

business bar chart 1144120Adherence to certain risk management procedures can significantly lower insurance premium costs for the franchised business. Procedures outlined in this article have been designed for effective risk management. The operation of an laser tag facility follows strict standards for safety and consistency. 

Understanding Workers’ Compensation

ouch 1434056Last year, workplace injuries affected thousands of employees and cost U.S. companies more than $110 billion. Chances are, your firm will eventually have to deal with a workplace injury — which means that you will also have to deal with a workers’ compensation claim.